Conservation and the Environment

We believe that Easter Corrie is a special place and worth taking care of for future visitors to enjoy too. Our self catering cottages are equipped to enable you to enjoy your holiday here in the knowledge that your stay will have the minimum impact on this beautiful environment.

Mill and Steading Conversion

The original Mill and Steading were built from local stone and slate. We continue to use these materials for further improvements where possible. Our south facing site has allowed us to use passive heating techniques which currently supply around 25% of the cottage heating requirements.

Modern insulation materials permit us to conserve heat to a level that previous inhabitants could have only dreamed of. We always exceed the latest building insulation regulations when making improvements.


Our cottages have electric storage heaters to minimise our impact on electrical generation capacity. Electric heating also lets us to take advantage of more environmentally sensitive energy sources such as wind or wave power, as they come online. Low energy lighting is used throughout and other energy saving appliances such as showers, microwave ovens and dishwashers are also available.

Easter Corrie gardens in the Spring

Easter Corrie's secluded glen


We have recycling facilities for glass, cans, paper, cardboard and plastics. Organic materials such as kitchen waste are composted at Easter Corrie for use on the gardens.


Our crystal clear water is drawn from an underground spring high on the side of Carn Liath. After use it passes through a natural purification process before rejoining the ground water below the cottages. We provide cleaning materials for your use that will not harm this process.

Wild Gardens

The grounds at Easter Corrie are planted with native Scottish plants and others that have been specially selected for our environment. They are all naturally adapted to our climate rendering watering and irrigation unnecessary.

Large areas have been devoted to wildlife conservation and Easter Corrie supports a thriving population of Field Vole as well as Bank Vole, Common Shrew, Pygmy Shrew and Wood Mouse. Keen observers may even spot Stoat or Brown Hare in the early morning, whilst everyone will enjoy watching the many avian visitors to our bird feeders.

Conservation in Glenlivet

To help protect this special place we are also involved with monitoring and recording the native wild animals, birds and plants that live here.

Our Cottages:

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