The Home of Scottish Malt Whisky

Glenlivet on Speyside is truly the home of Scottish Malt Whisky. It was here in 1824 that George Smith set up the first legal distillery in the Highlands.

Whisky Smugglers in Glenlivet

Before the production of whisky was regulated, the secluded hills of Glenlivet provided many places for illicit whisky stills. It is said that there were over 200 illegal stills here in the late eighteenth century. The site of one of these can still be seen at Knock Earth House, Strathavon.

Whisky Distillery Visitor Centres

Today, many of the local distilleries have visitor centres that offer a fascinating insight into the distillation process, not to mention the opportunity to sample their wares! Malt whisky enthusiasts will be particularly interested in the Speyside Whisky Festival, which takes place during May and September each year.

Visitor centres within half an hour's drive include:

The Speyside Cooperage

Speyside Cooperage, Craigellachie

Learn all about the ancient craft of coopering at the Speyside Cooperage. Watch skilled coopers and apprentices at work. Have a go at building a cask!

The Glenlivet Distillery

Glenlivet Distillery

Discover the home of this world famous 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The Glenlivet was established in 1824 by George Smith. Admission free.

Glenfarclas Distillery

Established in 1836, Glenfarclas offers a warm welcome. Enjoy a guided tour, or relax with a dram in the splendour of the Ships Room.

Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich is the only "chateau-bottled" Highland malt whisky. Bottling at the distillery gives Glenfiddich it's unique purity of taste.

Cardhu Distillery

Cardhu is the only malt distillery pioneered by a woman. It stands in Speyside, close to the secret of it's success - the ice-cold, fresh mountain spring water.

The Whisky Castle

The Whisky Castle has an outstanding collection of Scotland's malt whiskies with every working distillery represented including many rare and selective bottlings.

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